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154 _ Austin Waldo Founder of the Texas Woodworking Festival
Episode 15421st February 2024 • Building a Furniture Brand with Ethan Abramson • Ethan Abramson
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We talk a lot about building a community on this show, and Austin is taking that idea and giving it a physical form. So why not celebrate that.

This episode is not only a look behind the curtain at the Texas Woodworking Festival event but also an overall conversation on marketing and brand development and how you can use them both in your own business. 

As you might remember, Austin was on the show before, episode 137. So if you want to hear his backstory and learn more about his furniture company and the school he started (the Austin School of Furniture) please take a listen to that before you go further. 

For this episode, follow along as we talk about digital marketing for your business, growing your brand, the Texas Woodworking Festival origin story, and much more.

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