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Mormon Mind Games Revealed: An Epistemological Discussion with Kolby Reddish
Episode 9410th November 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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On this episode of Mormonish Podcast, Rebecca and Landon are joined by the wonderful Kolby Reddish as we dive in to the importance of epistemology as a method to determine truthfulness.

There is a growing concept in the LDS church that the more something appears to not be true, that only proves it's truth more strongly. And of course, faith strengthens this idea. Kolby shares his thoughts and experiences with epistemology and explains how this tool to determine truth is invaluable.

Epistemology is defined as "the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion and it can teach us how to avoid believing things, even true things, for bad reasons. The longest standing definition of knowledge dates back clear to ancient Greek philosophy as "justified true belief." That means believing something that is consistent with reality for good reasons.

As Sasha Sagan says, "It's dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true." And this is where we need to consider what our epistemic standards are: at what point are we justified in believing something? What is the most common standard in Mormonism for believing truth claims?

We know you'll find this episode as fascinating as we did!

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