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Episode 2349th August 2021 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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At the time of recording this episode, Melbourne, the city I live in, had just gone into its fifth, scratch that; sixth lockdown. 

And it sucks. 

I’m ok. Because I’m doing the work, I’m armed with tools to help me and I know it’s making me more patient and resilient and expansive. 

But what about the people who don’t know what to do?

What about the people who are deeply struggling and have no way of coping?

My heart breaks for those people. 

As a coach and a leader, I think it’s really important to be honest about when I’m struggling. 

Because we’re all human and we all struggle. 

This week on the podcast I am sharing from a very raw and real place about the impact of these lockdowns, how I’ve been handling it and what’s been helping me.

I have never shared this type of content because I usually sit in the space of empowering, teaching or coaching you, the listener.

I have met a new part of myself here and I wanted to share the realness with you.  I am human and things DO affect me.

For me, it’s brought up my trauma and how I have felt triggered during these lockdowns.

If you’re struggling, my heart is going out to you. 

Check in with your feelings and give them some air time to find out what YOU need right now.

Talk to people. Reach out and call someone and do what you need to do to keep your mind and heart centered.

If you’re going through something hard right now, it sucks but it’s not going to break you.

Take care of you first 


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