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Reducing Overwhelm with Simple, Curious, Creative Leadership – with Carla Maroussas
Episode 4117th March 2023 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Carla Maroussas joins me today to explore overwhelm, and the all-important question - how do we reduce it?

In a world where overwhelm feels normal, where many of us feel trapped with the only option being to push through, this is an important conversation. 

We explore:

  • the feeling of overwhelm that produces a real desire of wanting to retreat into a bubble
  • the pressure on leaders and managers to be seen to cope
  • the need to align our lived experience with our values
  • how emotional support from managers, in the form of quality conversations, improves mental wellbeing
  • what active listening really means
  • our thoughts about goals!

This episode is full of practical strategies to create more space and reduce overwhelm.

How are you moving closer towards the experience that feels good for you on a daily basis?

How are you supporting your team to reduce emotional arousal so that they can invest their mental energy on being productive?

More about Carla

Before studying and qualifying to become a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner Carla spent most of her professional career in Film, Television and Music. Working hard to make her way up from an Account Manager to a place on the board as a Managing Director. 

Carla has been described as a senior management professional with over 25 years experience gained in the music, tv and film industries. A natural leader with an in depth knowledge of sales and leadership”

However she now utilises her career experience in senior management, sales and leadership and runs her own Coaching Consultancy working with clients on a 121 level via self discovery to work out their next best step.

She helps those she works with to re-connect to their values and core beliefs and with an attitude of gratitude and positivity work out their next best steps and to move forward with calm and clarity.

Whether in your personal or work life if you are thinking about, working out or taking the next step, she will work alongside you to reduce overwhelm and confusion, to increase self care and provide a clear pathway forward.

Recent 121 clients have included small businesses owners, board members and working parents with bespoke coaching based around career and personal development and the associated themes of managing work life balance, overwhelm and self care.

In addition 121 coaching for leaders and their teams offering recent programmes on identifying company values, the link between staff productivity and happiness, talent identification and new leader personal development.

Carla provides coaching and mentoring services both on-line and in person locally and works offers 121, team and group coaching.

Links to contact Carla:

LinkedIn: Carla Maroussas

Instagram: @carlamaroussas

Twitter: @carlamaroussas


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