"Have Zen minutes to raise your consciousness?" Straight from the horse's mouth, Jen Zoe Hall tells you how to heal yourself..
Episode 4016th October 2021 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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There's a reason that so many idioms have 'horses' in them. Horse sense, straight from the horse's mouth, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and many more. There has to be a reason. Horses are reliable, they have great intuition, they give generously (if they connect with you), and they have a deep sense of loyalty.

This conversation with Jen Zoe Hall was animated (no pun intended) as she talked about how the Universe conspires to deliver to you what you deeply desire. Her desire to help and heal human beings, in a special and unique way, brought her to work with rescue horses to help fellow human beings heal!

Jen talks about her own journey, raising her vibration/frequency, after feeling lost, and how the connection to these amazing creatures took her in a direction that is unique and has already benefited many people who have come to her to find solace and healing!

Enjoy this unusual conversation to pick up at least 3 nuggets on raising consciousness!

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