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How to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs
Episode 267th March 2023 • Mentally Stronger • Melli O'Brien
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Do you find yourself buying into limiting thoughts and beliefs that weigh you down? Maybe you’ve been trying to block them or push them away, but they keep popping back up. Unhelpful and untrue thoughts can take up a lot of space in our minds, especially when we’re navigating difficult times, and, left unchecked, we can become attached to these narratives and let them pull us into emotional reactivity. When our mental commentary is unhelpful, it can really hold us back, create tension in our relationships and dampen our ability to have joy in our lives. 

In this episode of Mentally Stronger, I share a powerful metaphor that demonstrates a simple and effective “thanks, but no thanks” approach to disidentify with storylines that hold us back. I suggest some questions you can ask to help challenge and detach from those stickier thoughts and reclaim a sense of inner strength, clarity and freedom.

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