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INS – The Small Aussie Company Outdoing Google
30th May 2018 • Podcast • Parents At Work
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INS Career Management is an impressive trailblazer for family friendly small businesses! The company provide a free on-site crèche, flexible working, daily yoga, boxing, walking clubs and more.

This month, Parents At Work CEO, Emma Walsh, interviews Sophia Symeou, CEO and co-founder, and Adam Aaron, Learning and Development Manager of the Sydney company leading by example.

There aren't many small or medium size businesses that can claim to be as family friendly as INS. Emma Walsh, says "the fact is that often they feel like they don't have the resources and funding required to offer generous paid parental leave and wonderful flexible work arrangements."

But this small Aussie company has been compared to Google - except, as Adam Aaroon puts it, "We're Google without the hammocks. We're Google with the cots."

In an inspiring article, Sophia says "creating workforces for the future is about creating flexibility in the workforce, and if you want Mums and Dads to be able to work equally, you need to provide the basic structure for them to do that".

In this podcast interview, Emma finds out exactly what they're doing, and how they're making their family friendly workplace a reality for their business.