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Turning Family Challenges into a Mission Business with Jim and Janet Scott, Rawz Natural Pet Food
Episode 71st March 2023 • The Pet Industry Podcast • BSM Partners
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In this episode, Dr. Megan Sprinkle, Steve Cauthen, and Whitney Russell talk with Jim and Janet Scott, founders of Rawz All Natural Pet Foods.  In this episode, they talk about how a family tragedy turned into a family business, the powerful lessons that life reinforced with the Scotts, and how strong values gave a sense of purpose to their paraplegic son.


Raw Natural Pet Food Website

Show Notes:

(00:45) - How a family turned tragedy into a business with purpose

(04:36) - A paraplegic son finds purpose in helping other pet owners

(05:37) - How Jim’s entrepreneurial parents raised him with the entrepreneurial spirit

(07:16) - Lessons Jim pulled from other successful businesses into Rawz

(10:29) - Using Rawz to give back to charity

(11:36) - How the Rawz Fund is impacting the lives of so many

(14:48) - How Jim and Janet balanced entrepreneurship and raising a family

(18:15) - An unexpected life lesson at a sled hockey tournament

(20:19) - What other animals does Rawz support besides dogs

(22:51) - Are you transactional?  Or transformational?

(24:41) - Jim’s mother shares wise advice

(27:34) - What powerful advice does Janet and Jim have for the pet industry?

(30:33) - Jim shares his very first job in his parent’s pet food business

(31:55) - How the family pets helped with their sons’ recoveries

(34:17) - How BSM has impacted Jim and Janet