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Episode 17724th March 2023 • The Demartini Show • Dr John Demartini
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For every opportunity, there’s a simultaneous obstacle. For every crisis, a blessing. There’s never a door opening without one closing, and there’s never a window closing without another one opening in the same moment.

We are all simultaneously embraced by a complementary dualism of love. Love is a synthesis and synchronicity of all complimentary opposites. We need both sides of love, both challenge and support, to keep us focused on the course to fulfilling our inspired destiny.

When you understand this principle—and begin to see it occurring all around you and across all seven areas of your life— you’ll be able to tap into this profound wisdom and a powerful understanding. The universe doesn’t present you with one side without also simultaneously presenting the other. Opposites are always simultaneous. Join Dr Demartini and learn how every event is equilibrating, and the truth is that there is nothing but this balance of love.


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