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Yannic Kilcher: Explaining Papers on Youtube, Why Peer Review is Broken, and the Future of the Field
Episode 1424th November 2020 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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Yannic Kilcher is PhD candidate at ETH Zurich researching deep learning, structured learning, and optimization for large and high-dimensional data. He produces videos on his enormously popular Youtube channel breaking down recent ML papers.

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02:40 Yannic Kilcher

07:05 Research for his PhD thesis and plans for the future

12:05 How he produces videos for his enormously popular Youtube channel

21:50 Yannic's research process: choosing what to read and how he reads for understanding

27:30 Why ML conference peer review is broken and what a better solution looks like

45:20 On the field's obsession with state of the art

48:30 Is deep learning is the future of AI? Is attention all you need?

56:10 Is AI overhyped right now?

01:01:00 Community Questions

01:13:30 Yannic flips the script and asks me about what I do

01:25:30 Rapid fire questions


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