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EP 241 - Earth's Legal Defense: Campaigning for Nature's Rights with Paul Powlesland
Episode 24119th September 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Should "nature" have a seat at the board table?

Paul is a barrister and founder of Lawyers in Nature who aim to provide representation, campaigning and legal resources on environmental protection and rights for nature., particularly in a corporate setting.

We talk about this (voluntary) work and why he does it. We chat sh*t and Thames Water and how it brings home the reality of our climate and environmental crisis.

We discuss human rights vs. nature's rights and how they would be balanced in society's best interests. We also find out what it's like to be interviewed by Nigel Farage on something called GB News.


00:44 Paul's Journey into Environmental Activism

01:46 Discussion on Extinction Rebellion

03:50 Paul's Work in Legal Profession and Climate Activism

05:27 The Concept of Legal Personhood for Nature

05:44 The Role of Law in Protecting Nature

12:19 The Impact of Infrastructure on Nature

14:53 The State of Britain's Natural Environment

18:59 The Role of Companies in Environmental Protection

23:00 Nature Positive Corporate Governance

24:31 The Disconnect Between Humans and Nature

25:29 The Unsustainability of Modern Society

27:05 The Role of Corporations in Environmental Conservation

28:47 The Impact of Climate Change on Food Supply

29:34 The Challenges of Environmental Activism

31:03 The Importance of Protecting Nature

31:56 The Role of Politics in Environmental Conservation

32:54 The Power of Individual Action

37:28 The Role of Patriotism in Environmental Conservation

38:47 Quickfire Round and Final Thoughts

Paul's recommendations:

Spaceship Earth (podcast)

Rights of Nature by David Boyd (book)

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