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Would I do it all over again?
Episode 2130th May 2024 • Spirit Led Life • Angee Robertson
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#21: On today’s episode, we are finishing up the celebration of the fifth anniversary of my book, The Beauty In Letting Go. I’ll share what I think about the book five years later. Does the message still hold true? Would I still write the same message today?

Also I’ll share my future book goals.


Key Takeaways:

  • 1:59 - Would I still write the same book?
  • 5:33 - Is there anything I would change about the book?
  • 6:09 - Do I still believe in what I shared?
  • 11:20 - What does the future hold for me as an author?


Heavenly Position Guidance Challenge:

For this week’s HPS Challenge, take this time to gather your journal and find a quiet place if possible. For the next 15 minutes, reflect back on your life and particular circumstances you’ve faced and answer some of these questions for yourself. Would you still take the same action? Is there anything you would change? Do you still have the same beliefs?

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