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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 50, 10th January 2021
Ethical Consciousness with Betty J Kovacs
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Ethical Consciousness with Betty J Kovacs

When I stumbled across my next guest, I knew that it was yet another example of how there are no coincidences and I think on some levels I will be hard pushed to find a greater spiritual alignment in these discussions.

Betty J Kovacks PhD earned her doctorate from the University of California, in Comparative Literature and Theory of Symbolic/Mythic Language.  She taught Literature, Writing, and Symbolic/Mythic Language for twenty-five years.  She served many years as Chair and Program Chair on the Board of Directors of the Jung Society of Claremont in California and sits on the Academic Advisory Board of Forever Family Foundation.  Dr. Kovacs is author of Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World, winner of the Nautilus Silver Book Award.  She has also written The Miracle of Death: There Is Nothing But Life. 

I found my time with Betty absolutely fascinating when we dove into the synchronicities of our lives and the visions and messages we receive. I hope you gain some enlightenment from listening to Betty’s story.

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