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Strategies and Insights for Prime Day and Beyond
Episode 12515th June 2023 • The Ad Project • Ad Advance
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Join us for this insightful episode of The Ad Project as we welcome Josh Helmer, Account Manager at Ad Advance, to explore a compelling discussion centered around advertising strategies for specific sales events – such as Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day.

Key Discussions:

  • Concept of "tent-poling" and its three phases: lead-in, main event, and lead-out.
  • Case study analysis of a supplement company and the importance of understanding impression quantity for effective customer conversion.
  • The power of educating the audience through frequent ad exposure and its positive impact on conversion rate.
  • Strategic approaches during the lead-in period, including targeting upper funnel traffic and utilizing retargeting techniques to maximize event traffic.
  • Value of segmenting the retargeting pool and customizing creatives for different stages of the customer journey.
  • Audience targeting, balancing core and reach audiences, and the significance of allocating sufficient budget for retargeting efforts during high-traffic events.