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258. Myths About Women in Midlife: A Conversation with Karen Anderson, Elizabeth Sherman and Jill Angie
Episode 2586th October 2022 • UnF*ck Your Brain: Feminist Self-Help for Everyone • Kara Loewentheil
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This week on the podcast I’m joined by three of my Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching students, Elizabeth Sherman, Jill Angie, and Karen C.L. Anderson, as we begin to unravel how socialization affects the way women feel in their midlife years.

Tune in as we talk about why midlife is a great time to re-evaluate the relationship you have with yourself and the boundaries you hold with the people in your life, how to not allow your stage in life define your identity, and a better, more empowering alternative to the anti-aging tools society tells midlife women are a necessity.

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