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Entropy Organized with Katie Matusky
Episode 29 โ€ข 24th September 2020 โ€ข The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast โ€ข Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP
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On a mission to redefine what work/life balance means for modern women, Katie Matusky serves her clients as an experienced adviser. She teaches them to curate vivid, connected, meaningful lives, one system at a time.

Her work is anchored in celebrating female agency and helping women chart a new path forward, towards a joyful, organized every day.

Every client has a different vision for their best life and Katie is meticulous about making it a reality. With her holistic approach, her clients untangle their to-dos and re-evaluate where they dedicate their time. Then she helps them build an operations manual for how they spend their days.

Katie believes life design is essential to human health, happiness, and well-being. She is the only coach in the industry who helps clients weave the many loose ends of their lives into one cohesive set of systems. 

Based in Chicago, IL, Katie is married to a dashing engineer and dog mom to two adorable dachshunds. She enjoys hosting dinner parties, collecting wine, and traveling the world with her husband


Check out her website:

Follower her on Insta at @katiematusky


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