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Inside the Funnel - DAC EPISODE 2, 3rd November 2020
From "welcome back" to Westworld
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From "welcome back" to Westworld

On a scale of "one size fits all" to "borderline creepy", just how personalized should marketing be? Well, it depends, but one thing's for sure: there's no shortage of nuance, distrust, and legislation to contend with. In short, personalization is a hot-button topic—but Jenna, Dan, and Nasser are here to push it.

  • The Christopher Nolan Guide to Personalization
  • Social's wacky algorithms
  • Thinking, Planning, Doing, Feeling
  • The choir of positive reinforcement
  • Has too much personalization broken the world?
  • How poor targeting spoiled Nasser's Christmas
  • Hello, Proove Intelligence!

LINKS: Proove Intelligence: "Customer analytics: This time it's personal... or is it?" | www.dacgroup.com | ATTRIBUTIONS: "radio band.wav" by Paper Jam of Freesound.org