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The winning mindset of Greg Rutherford, Olympic gold medal winner
Episode 319th November 2020 • Track & Ball with Ellen White and Richard Whitehead • Ellen White and Richard Whitehead
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This week's guest is Greg Rutherford - gold medal winner on that incredible Super Saturday night at the London Olympics in 2012.

Greg takes us on his sporting journey - from football and badminton to the long jump.

He talks about his winning mindset and the hard work he put in to get to the top of his sport. And also the importance of choosing the right people to be around you - in Greg's case, his coach.

It's a great hour with lots of thing we learnt and are going to apply to our training and approach to our sports.

If you don't know about us, Ellen White is an England footballer and has been to three World Cups. Richard Whitehead is a Paralympic athlete with gold medals at the London and Rio Games