#108 How to Encourage Connection through Digital Learning with Detlef Hold
Episode 10813th September 2021 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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We are no longer strangers to the digital space. The pandemic has forced us into this environment if we were not already there. We’ve had to move quickly and adapt and continue to evolve how we make use of digital platforms.

Today’s episode dives into the world of digital learning and transformation as Deepa speaks with Detlef Hold, Head of Digital Learning Experience for Roche. They talk about what digital learning is as well as give practical tips for how to use the platforms to achieve the most engagement and success within organizations. 

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Digital Learning leverages technology platforms for individual or group learning. And it is about creating the best environment for digital workers, the world we are living in today.
  • There is a lot of responsibility on digital workers. They have to be able to search, assess, and find what’s relevant. It’s important to use technology and build community around it.
  • Small things make all the difference in digital learning, but it does require you to rethink the way you design these experiences.
  • You have to create an environment where everyone has a voice and feels comfortable sharing.
  • Focus on people first. 
  • Climate, Facilitation, and Pace of program are key ingredients in keeping transformation happen in digital learning environments.
  • Use co-creation to increase engagement in your digital environment.
  • Make the most of your meeting time! This means you focus on dialogue and connection rather than tactics and summaries. Make videos of those items before the meeting.
  • Utilize all forms to communicate on your digital platforms, be breakout rooms or chats or small groups. Engage in multiple ways so that everyone has an option to get in the conversation.
  • Keeping cameras on for online meetings creates more connection, so encourage the use. This can take time and needs to be woven into your organization’s culture.
  • The platform is a means to an end. You will have to convince your stakeholders of the technological investment.
  • You are asking your employees to rethink the way they work. You are helping them build new habits and forget their old ways of doing. This is about mindset.
  • Focus on the social structures needed to engage every employee. This is more important than the actual technological part of the transformation.
  • Articulate your intention. 
  • Experiment and observe ourselves. This brings about change within us. 
  • When you find yourself in a place where there is opportunity, take it!

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Tell us in the comments, what is one way you are embracing digital learning? And what is one new way you learned from this episode to use digital learning?

About Detlef

Detlef Hold’s skillset is in digital learning, entrepreneurship, design thinking, the innovation life cycle and global leadership development. He has worked as an independent OD consultant, in HR and teach Psychology, HR, Change Management and Corporate Learning Leadership (Executive MBA programs) in South America, Switzerland & in the US at Stanford. He is a very creative problem solver who can recognize patterns of an emerging future.