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Get Your Girls to Focus on the Process [MHS]
Episode 425th June 2018 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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You've likely already taught your girls why they need to focus on the process, but what about the how?

Just like telling a girl to keep her head down when fielding a ground ball doesn't always seem to help in the moment... We have to give our players the skills they need in order to accomplish a task.

In this case, we talk about how to focus on the process by setting long-term goals and breaking them down into a daily focus.

We discuss:

  • The importance of focusing on the process.
  • Setting long and short-term goals, and how to know you've set the goals high enough.
  • Focusing on the process of getting a little better each day.
  • Staying accountable for your process goals, even when you're on vacation.