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The Slow TV Podcast - Tim Prevett EPISODE 2, 4th April 2020
That Damned Cow
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That Damned Cow

The audio for my documentary, "That Damned Cow - Just what is Norwegian Slow TV? ". Slightly edited to remove longer instrumental parts. You can watch the documentary, which is hosted on my Facebook here.

The documentary's credits:


Mark Brisbourne


British Airways

Richard D’Cruze


Andrea Jackson


Fredrik Færden

Ole Hedemann

Thomas Hellum

Rune Møklebust

Anniken Næss


Henry Gummer

Dr Arve Hjelseth

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

Dr Espen Ytreberg

The University of Oslo

Dr Adam Galpin

The University of Salford

Choir Members, Salmeboka Minutt for Minutt

Randi Gunhildstad

Linda Haukås

Grateful Acknowledgement

Principal NRK Slow TV Liaison

Thomas Hellum

The University of Salford:

Laurence Murphy

Store and Technical Support Staff

Petter Ingholm Gustavsen, NRK

Stein Lillebo, Hurtigruten

Liz Southall

RedShift Online

NRK footage and graphics used with permission, copyright NRK

British Airways images


British Airways Video Library


Principal Music

Tony Longworth

Ambient Music

Mark Sheeky

Additional Music

Purple Planet Music

Filmed in

Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim, Norway

Osmington Mills and London, England

Betws y Coed and Dyffryn Ogwen, Wales

Original Photography by

Tim Prevett

Produced and Directed by

Tim Prevett

Copyright MMXV and MMXX

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"Can I just say, for us in NRK it's been a real pleasure having Tim's eyes on our mainly practical view - making TV for the viewers, and Tim's research and questioning our work has been making ourselves more conscious about our work, and it's a real pleasure, so thankyou, thankyou Tim."

- Thomas Hellum, one of the innovators and producers of Norwegian Slow TV, Slow Media Symposium, Bath Spa University, 26th March 2015.

My 29 minute documentary about Slow TV. Given I get requests from media and media students for insights into Slow TV from around the world, any usage or referral to my work here, please give a citation and leave a link to where it has been quoted or used. Feel free to message me for further conversation and join the Slow TV Fans, Thinkers and Filmmakers group.

"I think your film deserves the widest audience possible... I think BBC Four should be screening your film, too."

- Carl Honoré, Author, 'In Praise of Slow'

Slow TV’s profile has grown since it emerged in Norway in 2009. NRK2, the second channel of the state broadcaster has been the pioneer in developing this real time marathon event broadcast format, taking surprise ratings at home and gaining global attention. Train journeys, a ferry voyage, knitting and singing a hymn book over sixty hours are some of the Slow TV subjects which NRK has shown.

“That Damned Cow”, subtitled “Just what is Norwegian Slow TV?” is a documentary which asks exactly that. It sets out NRK’s narrative through interviews with key NRK staff in Bergen and Oslo, from inception to international distribution.

It explores the relaxing experience many Slow TV viewers cite, from interviews at the Norwegian Hymn Book Slow TV event, with a Doctor of Media Psychology and with British Airways which has begun using the Bergensbanen train journey on some long haul in-flight entertainment.

“That Damned Cow” considers the future of Slow TV inside and outside of Norway. It offers ways of understanding the depth and potential of what at first seems a simple formula but evokes a spectrum of participation in real life and social media, engages national pride, heritage, community and identity.