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003: Overcoming Fear in Your Non-Toxic Journey
Episode 316th August 2023 • The Non-Toxic Mommy • Yasmine Moussa
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Do you want to know the biggest secret no one is telling you about non-toxic living? In today's episode, Yasmine is sharing her unique approach to combating fear as you embark on your non-toxic journey. After all, fear itself is toxic, right?

The Non-Toxic Mommy is also sharing her final two biggest mindset tips today, insights that have helped her stay focused on non-toxic living in a positive way for over a decade now.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with non-toxic living, remember that Confidence, Love, Understanding, and Knowledge are the antidotes to fear-based thinking.

There are more smart insights and heartfelt advice from Yasmine as she reminds that we should aim for progress, not perfection. Strategies can include taking a zone-based approach where you clean up a specific area of your home, or you can swap out toxic products when they run out!

Creative alternatives are aplenty as Non-Toxic Mommy encourages us to find balance, pursue peace, and permit ourselves to be imperfect. There's also a new show segment featuring healthy products that Yasmine has been 'Loving Lately'! Please join us.

"Stressing yourself out about toxins is toxic. So let's not do that. Let's take a totally different approach." ~ Yasmine Moussa

In This Episode:

- How to approach non-toxic living from a place of love

- CLUK! A mnemonic to remember!

- Why the 'journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'

- Appreciating that an extreme approach won't work

- 'Zone-based' versus the 'swapping out' approach to making small changes

- Learning to commit for the long-haul

- Loving Lately: Yasmine's latest product endorsements

- Giving yourself permission to not be perfect

And more!

Products Mentioned:

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