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Create a Career You’ll Love with Dr Claire Kaye
Episode 7116th March 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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This week, Dr Claire Kaye joins us to discuss how we can find the career we love. We share tips and talk about networking, diversifying and overcoming career challenges. 

Episode Highlights

[04:16] Claire's Career Journey on How to Find a Career You Love

  • As a GP trainee, Claire knew that she didn't want to be doing clinics nine times a week.
  • Claire went on to other areas of education. Listen to the full episode to learn more about Claire's thoughts on taking opportunities and putting yourself out there.

[9:25] Following Your Interest vs Your Passion

  • Knowing where your interests lie open up doors. 
  • Work out which of your skills gives you joy or motivation. Then, find a career that provides both.

[13:36] Networking

  • When you're contacting people, ask for advice. 
  • Networking is a conversation or a chat, not an interview.
  • It's important to stay motivated when connecting with others. Sometimes, you don't get a good lead.

[18:33] More Tips on Connecting with People

  • Find out who the person is and see if you can establish a connection. 
  • Think of the conversation as having a chat with a friend. 
  • People appreciate being listened to and to reflect on stuff.

[20:30] More Tips on How to Find a Career You Love

  • To know how to find a career you love, start with the little things.
  • Take any opportunity as they come. 
  • Watch people that inspire and motivate you. Try to emulate that. 
  • You can't become an expert without practice. 

[23:34] The 'Yes, But' Block

  • We all have a 'yes, but' block. 
  • What's important is getting out there and getting better.
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes. You learn a lot from failing. 

[28:04] On Transferable Skills

  • You don't know how to find a career you love because you may feel like you have no transferable skills. 
  • Doing something different with your current role expands your horizons. 
  • The answer to how to find a career you love simply lies with doing what you love.

[37:01] Final Thoughts and Top Tips

  • To answer how to find a career you love, Claire restated the three R's: reflect, reinvent, rebuild. 

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