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The Village Potters: Dedicated to Clay in The River Arts District with Sarah Wells Rolland
Episode 628th January 2022 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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As a bustling artist enclave found on the banks of the French Broad River, Asheville’s River Arts District (RAD) pulses with an artistic energy born of diverse media and collaboration. Located in the RAD, The Village Potters Clay Center is a vibrant creative community dedicated to the exploration of clay. Today’s guest is Owner, Founder, and Resident Potter, Sarah Wells Rolland, who works from her studio at The Village Potters to produce highly sought-after ceramic artworks that are sold in galleries across the US. In this episode, Sarah shares what it takes to become a professional ceramic artist, why she decided to create a shared collective and gallery space in The Village Potters, and how she helps others “find their voice in clay.” We also discuss why Asheville is integral to the success of ‘The Village’, how the RAD’s artists have come together to govern, support, and manage the district as a community, and where Sarah suggests first-time visitors to the RAD start their journey, as well as her tips for those looking to expand their collection of ceramic art. Join us today to learn more from RAD ambassador and clay artist extraordinaire, Sarah Wells Rolland!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Louise and Daryl introduce The Village Potters, the River Arts District, and Marquee.
  • Get a glimpse into Sarah’s 30-year career as a professional potter.
  • Balancing creative and entrepreneurial energy to become a professional potter.
  • Why Sarah describes pottery as a life’s work and how long it takes to master the craft.
  • Fine art versus functional art and some insight into Sarah’s artistic journey.
  • Learn more about the past and present of ‘The Village' and why Sarah founded it.
  • How the important educational aspects of The Village help to make great potters. 
  • Why Sarah attributes the success of The Village to the women who work there.
  • Honoring the resident potters of The Village: Christine Henry, Judi Harwood, Julia Mann, Katie Messersmith, Lori Theriault, and Ruth Rutkowsky.
  • Why Sarah believes that Asheville and the RAD are integral to The Village’s success.
  • Discover the unique history, layout, and collaborative spirit of the RAD.
  • How artists come together as a community to market, manage, and govern the RAD.
  • Sarah shares her tips for those visiting Asheville for the first time: take your time!
  • Her advice for those looking to collect pottery and ceramics: buy what you love.
  • The hallmarks of great pottery, from technical execution to originality.
  • Where to buy The Village pottery if you can’t visit the RAD in person.
  • Growth, development, and gentrification in Asheville and how it impacts Sarah’s practice.
  • Hear Sarah’s recommendations for dining out in Asheville, including 12 Bones BBQ.

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