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#54 - Selling & Client Experience: Two Things Every Member of Your Team Needs to Know
Episode 5416th January 2024 • The Wealthy Consultant Talks Podcast • The Wealthy Consultant
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In this episode of TWC Talks, Mike Walker is serving up some serious insights on the ever-evolving world of business. He dives into the concept of the subscription economy, where everything from food to fashion is moving towards a subscription or rental model. But the real meat of this episode lies in two game-changing truths for your team: everyone is in sales, and everyone is in charge of client experience. Mike breaks it down, urging us to recognize that every team member, from support to marketing, plays a crucial role in selling and shaping the client experience. It's not just for the sales team to own—it's a team effort.

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  • (02:03) Everyone is in charge of client experience
  • (02:31) Everyone plays a role in selling the business
  • (04:05) The need for continuous efforts in client retention
  • (06:11) The loyalty factor
  • (07:58) Client experience
  • (09:13) Each team member is responsible for this
  • (11:27) Closing remarks

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