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S5 Ep 8 - Mental Health Treatment Court
Episode 813th July 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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The mental health of millions of Americans are desperately in need of our attention and support because it is so highly mistreated and misdirected in the criminal law system. It is difficult topic to maneuver through, relating law and medical health, but they do coincide with each other and this is vital for our court system to know when making the critical decisions that determine how many Americans might live the rest of their lives.

Should people be put in jail while ignoring their mental health issue or should it be addressed early in the judicial process? On this episode of The 411 Live we answer this question and more.

Beverly Taylor talks to retired Milwaukee County Judge, Jeffery Kremers, Pastor Joseph Ellwanger, founder of WISDOM Statewide Reform Our Communities with a focused on Wisconsin's criminal justice system and Sylvester Jackson, Lead Community Organizer for Ex-incarcerated People Organizing. Today we discuss the problems of mental health when it comes to the judicial system and a court room that’s designed to address mental health and sentencing.

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