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Register. Alright, here's today's story. I'm going to hims. I have some sponsor commitments and a few friends I'm hoping to see if you are going to be there. Shoot me a note at Bill at this weekend, health If enough of you send me an email, maybe we will set up some kind of meetup in Vegas. Today I want to talk about the vaccination requirement process.

This isn't about how we handle vaccinated versus unvaccinated people in society or events. I've spoken about that before and if you want my thoughts on the subject, go ahead and download that episode. It's, uh, a couple months back on today in Health. It, this is about if we are going to do vaccinated only events like HIMSS 21 and the Health conference.

How was the process of validating your vaccination? And I just did it. So I'm gonna tell you what I went through now. I was vaccinated in Florida. But I'm going to Vegas for this event and what I have in my hand is my COVID-19 vaccination record card. And I thought this, I man this thing. I don't know how I'm gonna carry it around.

I don't know how I'm gonna keep this from getting folded up and lost is a pretty small card, but pretty important card in today's day and age. It has my name on it. Has my birthdate, has the vaccine that I got, the me, the first dose and second dose of Moderna, the dates that I got them, and the clinic site, which in my case happened to be one of those Dr.

Drive-through sites, but it was administered by the County Health Department. Okay. So it was a bunch of paramedics. I think who were serving in this capacity, but we did, it was up at the park. We all lined up in cars. Uh, for the first event. We all lined up in cars. That was a pretty slow event, to be honest with you.

It wasn't handled as quickly as some of the other people that I've interviewed and, and the events they put together. But the second event was essentially, we all got in line. So we all parked, we got in line and we went through turnstiles. They did social distancing and whatnot to get through. So that's the information it has on it.

On the back it has. I don't know. Let's see. Vaccine date, nothing really of, of any substance on the back, but just important to note, I have a card sitting right here in my hand, although this is audio only, but you get the picture. I have this card. So I go to HIMSS and I say, all right, what do I have to do to provide proof of vaccine?

And they give you three options. Clear Health Pass Validations. So you've seen Clear Before, clear is that. Organization that has these kiosks in the airport that allows you to go really fast through the airport even faster than TSA pre. And so clear has come up with a, a process for a health pass validation.

There's also a safe expo, vaccine concierge validation, and a safe expo on site validation. I'm gonna give you some details on these. The clear one is the one that I did. I went out, there's a link to download the app. I downloaded the app. I had to sign up for the service, and I did do that. I figure I'll probably someday, depending on my travel schedule, sign up for the, uh, the travel program once I get my travel schedule back to what it was before.

So I thought, all right, why not Go ahead and sign up. You sign up. You go right into the Health Pass option and it asks you to take a couple pictures, take a picture of your state issued ID or passport, and then take a picture of yourself and your face so that you can match the two. And the third thing it asks you to take a picture of is the vaccination record card, both front and back of your vaccination record card.

And I'm really impressed, to be honest with you. It created a . QR code with my picture at the top that will validate my . Vaccine record. Now, if you're wondering, there's a state registry of my vaccination, and my guess is they're gonna go out and take this card, match it against that registry, or have already done in real time, and they've created this pass that I'm gonna be able to use QR code when I show up at HIMSS and just have that scanned and it'll validate my vaccination.

The other options here that brought, by the way, is a really easy option. I was very impressed with how easy it was. And it's a, again, from a technology's perspective, very seamless. Option number two, safe Expo, vaccine concierge, VA validation. Again, I'm not doing this one, but I'll give you some of the details.

Registers will receive a link to a Safe Expo vaccine concierge. Booking option from HIMSS Registrants will be able to book an appointment with a Safe Expo staff member online at their convenience appointments will be available weekdays from July 12th through August 7th. Specific times will be provided in the link when booking an appointment.

Registrants will receive a link to a secure video call at a time to satisfy the right of entry requirement. Concierge registrants will show record. Which is probably that low card that I have, paper or digital, and a photo ID to the Safe Expo staff member via the video call. If all criteria is met, the registrant will receive a vaccine verified go card via email.

Registrants can either print the vaccine verified go card. . Or show it on their phone. Registrants should be prepared to show the vaccine verified go-kart at registration for batch pickup. Alright, again, sounds like a very elegant process. I like the process and again, that's all I'm really commenting on here is the process.

I think those two were really well thought out. Let me take a look at the third one. I haven't even read this yet, so we will read it together. Safe expo. Onsite validation. Really what I would encourage people to do is do one of the first two and not try to do the onsite validation. After you've booked your hotel, booked your travel, you get there and you find out that you did something wrong.

But if you to, uh, live on the edge, here's the onsite validation process. Registrants can also bring their vaccination record paper, or digital to one of four vaccine verification centers. . That will be located throughout the HIMSS 21 campus. At the VVC location. Registrants will present their photo ID vaccine record and it will be reviewed by the Safe Expo staff.

If all criteria are met, the registrant will receive a vaccine verified Go card. Registrants should be prepared to show their vaccine. You get the picture, you gotta show that. . Go-kart at registration for badge pickup and whatnot. I'm sure there's probably something else as well. If I show the the vaccine card and I get my badge and I'm leaving early and I hand my badge to somebody else, which has been done before, I know it's been done before.

I've seen it done. I'm sure there's a way to match the picture of the person and maybe our pictures will be on those badges anyway. I'm sure they've thought through this. This is very well thought out. I'm really impressed with what HIMSS has done. I'll take a look at what Health . Is doing, their conference is much later in the year.

I think it's in mid-October. So we'll see what they're gonna do in that process. But again, this is a good use of technology, fairly seamless and really well thought out. So I wanna give hims really some kudos on how they brought this together. So very impressed. That's all for today. Don't forget to register for the webinar 1:00 PM on Eastern Time this Thursday.

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