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Christian Mack | From Trial and Error Learning To A Successful Business
Episode 928th June 2022 • Passive Wealth Principles • Jake Harris
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The journey of a successful entrepreneur is usually a fascinating one, and most of the top achievers out there have a story full of valuable insights.

This is certainly the case of Jake Harris’s guest on today’s episode: Christian Mack, an enterprise software veteran, investment banker, private equity and family office leader. 

Not only has he walked through the fires of operating and starting a business, but Christian has taken it to a nine figure exit. 

He also has grown undervalued enterprise software organizations into high-value ones. Under his leadership, the enterprise software company Lotus has delivered double-digit returns.

On today's episode of the Passive Wealth Principles podcast, Christian Mack shares some nuggets of information about how to start and run a business and turn it into a successful one.

He also talks about how he learned from trial and error, how getting a mentor changed his life and career trajectory, and how he also felt the need to give back and share his  strategies to help other people succeed in their business.

He also reveals what a family office is in his vision and how it works, how he has done 30 exits through his different funds in the team that he's assembled together, and much more. 

Listen now!

What You’ll Learn in this Show: 

  • How Christan started his business he's taken it to a nine figure exit
  • How Christian learned from trial and error
  • What is a family office and how does it work?
  • How getting a mentor changed Christan’s life and career trajectory
  • Giving back: How Christan helps other people to succeed in their business
  • And so much more...



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