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#129 Jason Coppens - Every Veterinarian Undercharges for Their Services
Episode 1293rd April 2022 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I am joined by Jason Coppens of Coppens Business Strategies. Jason is a return guest and first, come on the show for episode #17 back in 2019. Jason’s episode is one that has been highly listened to and someone I’ve learned a ton from. So I wanted to bring Jason back and talk through a couple of areas we didn’t get to last time. We still don't get through everything I had planned, but this one is again full of actionable data.

  • Updates and changes he's seen since we chatted in 2019, what hasn't changed.
  • Pricing Strategy - when/how to raise prices and a format to evaluate it all.
  • Scheduling and room flow with patients for efficiencies.
  • The opportunity in Urgent Care.
  • How to recruit and attract talent with an example of an ad - seriously this is worth the listen and might save you thousands!

There are nuggets of wisdom shared throughout - grab a notepad and don't listen on 2x speed.

Coppens Business Strategies

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