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Prayer 2021 - November 20 - Using Your Prayers Like a Sniper Uses a Bullet - pt 1
Episode 32220th November 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Psalm 86:6

“Hear my prayer, Lord; listen to my cry for mercy.”

Using Your Prayers Like A Sniper Uses a Bullet pt 1

The last few days, we’ve been talking about not charging the atmosphere with unbelief. You need to realize, and I hope you do after all of this teaching I’ve done these last few months…but YOUR WORDS MATTER in the Spirit realm. 

You may not think they matter, but they do. The devil is a legalist. He will use your own words against. Jesus is a legalist, too. He will use your own words FOR YOU – if they are words of Faith. Amen!

Jesus gave us HIS authority to rule and reign in this earth by using HIS NAME and HIS WORD to TAKE AUTHORITY from Satan whenever and wherever he raises his ugly head. Amen!

When you read your bible (again, I hope you are reading your bible – not just reading it – but studying it…if not, you’re in a hopeless state to begin with. But I digress)…

You NEVER hear God speaking doubt and unbelief. 

You NEVER hear Jesus speaking doubt and unbelief.

That’s why WE SHOULD NEVER speak doubt and unbelief…

In war movies, you see guys standing up and spraying the area with their weapon on full auto and it seems like they are cutting then enemy down left and right. After the smoke settles and things quite down, the camera pans and shows who our “hero” single handedly saved the day…

As a former Cavalry Officer, all I can say is, “yeah – right…”

In combat, you do not fire your weapon on automatic unless absolutely necessary. And then, it would only be for a brief, 3-5 seconds. Usually to lay down cover fire for your buddies as they move forward to closer cover to engage the enemy from a better position.

If you want to inflict maximum damage on the enemy, you need to make every – single – shot… every – single – bullet COUNT! 

We had a saying, one shot, one kill. 

You see, a sniper is the most feared person on the battlefield. They can “reach out and touch someone” from a long distance. Effectively engage the target and eliminate the target – with ONE SHOT.  This gets into the minds of others around them and they seek cover too. It inflicts damage on their moral as well as their ability to further engage with you! Amen!

Our prayers need to be the same way…

When you pray, don’t beat around the bush with a bunch of flowery talk to make yourself seem so spiritual that God just “has to listen to your request.” 

If you do that – you’re an idiot!  Sorry – but hey – don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good! Amen!

You need to identify the reason for the prayer. Healing, finances, whatever. And pray about that ONE THING.  If a devil is involved – and that is not the case every time – but there could be some demon hanging around… fire off a round at that sucker too! Praise God!

You’ll be surprised how quick your prayers are answered because the devil hanging around decided to high tail it out of town when you pray like that! Amen!

I’m way over again today, but we’ll take it up there tomorrow.

Let’s Pray!

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