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The 10-Year Framework: Crafting Your Vision for Change (Rocky Collis)
Episode 3925th January 2024 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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In this engaging episode, the CEO of Mustard, Rocky Collis, discusses the power of simplifying complexity, building a company, the importance of routines, and the 10-year framework. He also talks about how having a compelling mission is crucial: consistently communicating your goals and vision to others and fostering a culture of dedication and commitment.


  • Company Vision and Expansion: Rocky Collis discusses Mustard's vision for the next few years, emphasizing the expansion to more sports through their app. The company aims to adapt to changes in technology and advertising and explore partnerships to broaden its impact.
  • Technology and Streaming in Youth Sports: Mustard's technology is highlighted, focusing on its ability to integrate with the streaming of youth sports. The patented technology can calculate 3D data on an athlete based on the camera angle used in the video, making it versatile for various streaming services.
  • Coaching Every Athlete: Mustard aims to go beyond acquiring app downloads and wants to coach every athlete. The discussion revolves around using technology to reach a broader audience, focusing on mechanical improvement, and moving away from traditional methods of customer acquisition.
  • Simplifying Coaching Techniques: The importance of simplifying coaching techniques is discussed, particularly in the context of renowned coaches like Tom House. Mustard aims to make complex coaching methods more accessible and applicable through their app, emphasizing simplicity and personalization.
  • Finding Passion and Impactful Work: Rocky Collis shares a framework for finding passion by envisioning what the world should look like in the future. He emphasizes that working on something impactful and aligned with one's passion brings pure joy. Additionally, he encourages taking risks for opportunities that align with one's beliefs.

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