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The Whole Marketer Ep85 - Workstyle with guests Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny
21st November 2022 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Episode #85. Workstyle is the topic in this episode – the revolution of flexible working and the freedom to choose when and where you work. Not only for yourself but how to empower those in your care to be autonomous and work to their full potential.  

To discuss this topic, Abby’s guests are recent Sunday Times Best-sellers Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny. As well as co-authoring ‘Workstyle: A revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society’ they have put their principles into practice with their agency Hoxby – a purpose-led marketing organisation that attracts global talent and diverse thinking through their flexible workstyle approach. 

In this episode, Alex and Lizzie share their philosophy behind workstyle, the benefits to society and organisations, trust-based culture and how to get started on your workstyle. 

Plus advice for marketers of tomorrow. 

Workstyle: A Revolution for Wellbeing, Productivity and Society (Audio Download): Alex Hirst, Lizzie Penny, Alex Hirst, Lizzie Penny, John Murray: Books

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