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Did Your Family Run an Irish Castle? (#814)
Episode 146th April 2023 • The Letter from Ireland Podcast • Mike Collins
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In this episode we chat about the running of a very specific castle in County Galway during the time of the Irish Chieftains. We look at the various families who had a part to play in keeping this castle and it's lands working and productive.

We also look at a particular group of Irish families who had a major part to play in managing Irish abbey lands and the associated holy relics.

Maybe you will hear a few of your own Irish surnames mentioned this episode?

Also, lots of great Irish music along the way! Enjoy!

Music featured in this episode:

- "Carolan's Welcome" - performed by The Chieftains.

- "Carolan's Draught" - performed by Dé Danann.

- "Carolan's Concerto" - performed by The Chieftains.

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