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Don’t Quit: You Might Be One Moment Away from Making Your Dream Become Reality (CJ Beatty)
Episode 3528th December 2023 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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In this episode, the baseball and softball Motivator CJ Beatty shares valuable insights on carving a niche, finding your hedgehog concept, and applying parenting principles to leadership.


  • Mental Toughness in Sports and Life: CJ emphasizes the significance of mental toughness, sharing personal experiences and explaining its role in sports, particularly baseball.
  • Parenting and Avoiding Comparison: The discussion touches on parenting and the importance of avoiding comparisons between siblings recognizing and appreciating individual uniqueness.
  • Being a Cheerleader and Building Confidence: Casey and CJ discuss the impact of being a cheerleader for children, emphasizing the need to celebrate strengths and build confidence rather than make comparisons.
  • The Power of Note-Taking and Organization: CJ highlights the importance of note-taking, organization, and building routines for success in sports and the corporate world.
  • Leadership and Bringing Others Along: The conversation emphasizes the value of leadership, not just for personal success but for bringing others along. CJ shares insights into how being a leader significantly affects the competitive landscape.

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