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TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants - Richard Tubb BONUS EPISODE, 30th August 2020
The Privatise MBO and CyberSecurity for MSPs
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The Privatise MBO and CyberSecurity for MSPs

In this episode, Richard talks to Rafi Ozick, the new CEO of Privatise (best know for their Business VPN product) following a recent Management Buy-Out.

Following a recent TubbTalk episode with Paul Rosenthal, the founder of Privatise VPN, Richard finds out what led to the Management Buy-Out and what the future plans are for Privatise.

Rafi also shares what he sees as the main growth area in Cybersecurity for MSPs.

You can find out more about Privatise on their website: https://www.privatise.com/ or by emailing: contact@privatise.com