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46. Sustainability, Travel & The Power Of Business To Drive Change / Prof. Graham Miller
16th January 2021 • In Conversation with Nathalie Nahai • Nathalie Nahai
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In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Professor Graham Miller - Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Surrey and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A member of the Executive Board of the University, Graham also holds a Chair in Sustainability in Business, and his research focusses on the drivers we can use to create a more sustainable tourism industry. Beyond University walls, Graham holds a UK Sustainable Innovation fund to create indicators of sustainability for businesses in the camping and caravanning industry, with Plum Data Ltd and Professor Xavier Font (University of Surrey). With pressure mounting for companies to operate more responsibly both for people and planet, we talk about the need for CEOs to do more than just commit to initiatives for equality and sustainability. Rather than focus simply on the “input” or effort they’re making, we discuss the importance of tracking real, tangible “output” - the evidence that shows the effectiveness of the approach being deployed. Join in the conversation #hivepodcast, and find out more at Recorded on 7th January 2021.



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