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How to Avoid Burnout on Repeat
Episode 16021st March 2023 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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No one wants to burn out. When you experience burnout, you might find yourself thinking much more slowly and your productivity drops. Many high-stress professionals often feel guilty and ashamed for struggling with burnout. Unfortunately, the demanding and high-stress environment these days makes burnout much more likely to happen again and again. So what can you do to avoid experiencing burnout in the future?

In this episode, Dr Claire Ashley joins us for a conversation about the very real issue of burnout. We talk about what happens in our brains during burnout. She dives into the 12 stages of burnout and how we can use to recognize when we’re starting to burn out. Find out what you can do so that you can go back to work and how you can change things so you’re healthier and less likely to burn out all over again.

If you want to avoid burnout from repeating, listen to our full conversation in this episode of You Are Not a Frog.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Find out how guilt and shame can become weapons that lead you to burn out.
  2. Understand the twelve stages of burnout and recognize if you’re experiencing burnout these days.
  3. Learn great tips to prevent burnout in the first place and make sure it never happens again.

Episode Highlights

[03:38] Claire’s Experience with Burnout

[05:12] Why Burnout Happens

[09:21] Guilt and Shame as Weapons Against You

[19:58] How Burnout Affects Work

[24:22] Breaking Out of the Burnout Cycle

[27:40] The Twelve Stages of Burnout

[31:29] Burnout Treatment and Prevention

[35:32] Seeking Help

[39:25] The Change You Can Control

[48:44] Top Tips From Claire and Rachel


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