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27. Intuitive Eating + Learning to Trust Your Body | with Katelyn Parsons
Episode 2713th April 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Katelyn Parsons is a certified holistic health coach, intuitive eating specialist, and founder of the female empowerment brand Modern Girl Holistics. She helps ambitious women who are struggling with their relationship with food and their body find peace with eating. We have a conversation about all things confidence, body image, intuitive eating, perfectionism, and she approaches these topics with such a grounded presence and energy. During our talk, she gives us tools for listening to our body, discusses the dangers of restricted diets, and helps make healthy eating easier.

We Chat About:

  • How restricted diets lead to binging
  • Complementing diet coaching with therapy
  • Trusting our bodies to know what they need
  • Making food decisions you can stick with for life
  • Getting clear on the things that don’t work and the things that light you up
  • Finding the five go-to meals you love


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