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The Cheatcoders Podcast - The Cheatcoders EPISODE 129, 20th August 2020
Personal Best (feat. Lisa HoneyDieu)
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Personal Best (feat. Lisa HoneyDieu)

On this episode of The Cheatcoders, the boys are joined by photographer & fitness guru, Lisa aka. Honeydieu. Raf and Natz find themselves out of their depth as Don and Lisa talk diets and fitness. Raf makes comparisons between fitness and hiphop!  

Don also gets a chance to feel out of depth, as Raf and Lisa nerd out over cameras.  

Lisa also talks about wanting to build confidence in herself, firstly finding dance and then bodybuilding as a vehicle to get her there. Initially comparing herself to others, she now proudly embraces what makes her different. 

She now commits herself to helping other women build their own confidence through accepting themselves, and providing the expertise to educate them in health and fitness. 

Look out for her activewear QUADDESS, a brand that celebrates women in all shapes and sizes, and advocates for their finding inner & outer strength.