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Discover How AI Can Streamline Your Advertising
Episode 1023rd November 2023 • Unlocking The AI Advantage • Ramesh Dontha
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Streamlining advertising efforts and boosting ROI using an AI-powered platform is possible. In fact, this solution can optimize marketing campaigns in real-time to improve results continuously. By doing so, it helps businesses through automated, data-driven marketing.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, you need to know Otis AI. 

Today, I'm excited to share my conversation with Miguel Guerrero and Clarence Williams, co-founders of Otis.

Their goal with this company is to take powerful enterprise marketing strategies and make them simple and accessible for small businesses. By leveraging data and AI, Otis automates ad campaigns across channels and measures ROI - all in a user-friendly platform.

We talked about how Otis unlocks AI advantages, like continuously optimizing campaigns in real-time to boost results over time. Miguel and Clarence also shared some of the challenges of building Otis, from refining their product-market fit to scaling operations.

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Miguel and Clarence and that you learn how Otis AI can help your business leverage data and AI to effortlessly grow and earn more money. 

In This Episode:

- What does Otis AI do? 

- How can you use Otis in your business? 

- The origin story of Otis AI

- How does AI play into the fabric of Otis? 

- The trials and tribulations of Otis AI 

- Is generative AI good for Otis?

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