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GotTechED the Podcast - Eric Guise/Nick Johnson 11th April 2021
13 Creative EdTech Tools/Tricks to Make Classroom Activities Come Alive
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13 Creative EdTech Tools/Tricks to Make Classroom Activities Come Alive

GotTechED the Podcast

Episode #83: 13 Creative EdTech Tools/Tricks to Make Classroom Activities Come Alive

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Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is Episode #83 called “13 Creative EdTech Tools/Tricks to Make Classroom Activities Come Alive."  In this episode we’ll share X ideas for making your classroom activities come alive with creativity and increased student engagement.  We’ll also share some information about the long awaited release of the Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network at HVSPN.com.  This is another episode you don’t want to miss.  Check it out.

Segment 1: HVSPN.com

Segment 2: 13 Creative EdTech Tools/Tricks to Make Classroom Activities Come Alive

  1. Thinglink Mobile App lets you capture real world 3D media for VR exploration.  Create the thinglink experience right on your phone!  They also added the ability to share thinglinks to a VR headset 
  2. Let Google provide the support.  Help and hint links in problem set worksheets.  Links to videos or Mote comments to give students a push in the right direction
  3. Set up a scavenger hunt!  
  4. Google Site URL’s
  5. QR code generators
  6. Bitly or tinyuls
  7. In a Google Doc use the Doc Secrets AddOn.  Want to keep some text in your document private while sharing the rest of it with others? DocSecrets can help. Just add a password to the DocSecrets sidebar, then type any secret text you want to add to your document in the add-on's Insert field. You can select existing text on the page and click Censor text to hide it—but that text would still be visible in the document's history, making it not nearly as private. Then, to see the hidden text, your collaborators will have to both know your password and have the DocSecrets add-on installed—otherwise all they'll see is colored lines and dashes.
  8. Nick - Why so few fonts in Docs.  Don't download a fonts add-on in Google Docs—none are better than the built-in Google Fonts integration.  Just click the down arrow on the fonts menu and select More Fonts.
  9. Study tools with mind mapping
  10. MindMeister has an add-on that automatically turns bulleted lists into a MindMap
  11. Mindmup
  12. Let Ablebits bring professionalism to student reports
  13. Ablebits’ Table Styles add-on for Google Sheets and Docs
  14. Let a program do the work for you:
  15. Text giraffe- instant word fonts
  16. https://www.wordificator.com/ have words will a shape or picture
  17. Coolers color schemes
  18. Fancy Text Generator
  19. Give students curations of pictures/video to use
  20. https://www.dreamstime.com/
  21. Unsplash
  22. Burst
  23. Pexels
  24. Pixaba
  25. Stocksnap.io
  26. Life of Pix
  27. Gratisography
  28. The Jopwell Collection
  29. PicJumbo 
  30. Crello
  31. Flickr
  32. Canva for education
  33. Free Images
  34. Allow students to add music or to make their own music
  35. GotTechED’s Guide to Student Music Creation
  36. Incredibox
  37. SoundTrap
  38. YouTube Music Library
  39. Introduce sites that allow you to manipulate photos
  40. Pixlr
  41. Photofunia
  42. Canva for Education
  43. Slazzer
  44. Snap Seed
  45. Remove.bg
  46. Audio Replacement Strategy
  47. GotTechED’s Teacher’s Guide to Student Podcasting
  48. Hands on Game creation
  49. Escape Rooms
  50. Build puzzles
  51. Board Games
  52. Build Models
  53. Story Telling
  54. Storyboardthat
  55. Bookcreator
  56. pixton

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