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Leadership Lessons from The Royal Shakespeare Company with Becky Valentine
Episode 9729th September 2022 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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This week we are joined by Becky Valentine who is the Co-Owner and Lead of Sustainability, Wellbeing and Building Health at Spenbeck, an award-winning business specialising in optimising work environments to help people and companies thrive.

As the winner of the 2022 East Midlands Green Leader award, Becky utilises her experience and expertise in the use of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to support companies in embedding sustainability and achieving their environmental targets, strengthening recruitment and retention of key staff and clients.

I absolutely loved my conversation with Becky and I know that you will too. It was a fascinating conversation where we spoke about what it's like leading a family business, or more specifically, taking over and continuing to develop your father’s business. 

We spoke about horizon scanning, connecting the dots and taking risks.

My highlight of this episode was hearing about how Becky – as someone with no acting experience – performed in the Royal Shakespeare Company for 12 weeks, culminating in public performances. The leadership – and life lessons – Becky took from this are quite incredible!

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