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How Ginger Enrolled 6 Clients in 1 Week with a 90% Enrollment Rate
Episode 713th July 2021 • Quantum Leap Your Sales • Mariel Diaz
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Most business owners have had days when they struggle to meet their sales goals.  Many resort to manipulative tactics to get clients to sign up. After all, that's what most sales training teaches. They teach you to use persuasive techniques that primarily include veiled manipulation, but there's a more desirable way to improve your enrollment rate. It's something you work on step-by-step with the help of a heart-centered coach. It also comes down to what you know in your heart as your authentic self. Your core beliefs are grounded in your personal ethics and extend into your business practices. When clients perceive your motivation to be honest and genuine, they’ll trust you. 

Today's guest is Ginger Lynch, and she's here to share how Mariel guided her to unlearn old sales tactics that left her feeling stuck and frustrated. Ginger has been in business for many years and has gone through several training sessions with high-ticket coaches. But it was only when she worked with Mariel that she began to enjoy the journey, eventually leading her to achieve a 90%+ enrollment rate with ideal clients. Tune in to this episode to hear the whole story, 

“Keeping authentic genuine intent and being curious really set me free; it allowed me to really serve people,  care about people and love people where they’re at.”

- Ginger Lynch


In This Episode:

  • Meet Ginger -- a woman of many talents; an incredibly resilient person with a genuine ability to form authentic connections 
  • Ginger shares her frustration of being exhausted, yet getting nowhere
  • Find out how Mariel helped Ginger overcome skepticism and cynicism 
  • What was the most significant shift for Ginger 
  • Put away the restricting sales scripts; focus on finding your authentic voice and developing an intuitive call flow
  • Forget about “leads” and other terminologies associated with old marketing tactics
  • Concrete results and the top 3 things Ginger learned from Mariel 
  • Ginger's #1 Tip for other coaches and her power phrase


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