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SEASON TWO WRAP UP: Voices of 2021
Episode 569th January 2022 • Inside AgriTurf • Chris Biddle
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A wrap-up to Season Two of Inside Agri-Turf with a selection of edited recordings covering issues of dealer economics, equal opportunities, mental welfare and succession in the business. Those featured are:

(01:08) Tim Lane

(06:18) Steve Halley

(09:07) Tom Black

(12:32) Laura Bassnett

(15:20) Lauren Savage

(17:37) Poppy Burrough

(22:13) Tom Johnston

(28:14) Stephen Shortt

(29: 45) Howell and Emyr Jenkins

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Many thanks to all my guests who featured during Season Two. The full episodes from May to December 2021 can be found on the Inside Agri-Turf website.

Season Three starts on 2 February 2022