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Episode 47 - The Art and Science of Decision Making: Strategies for Choosing Happy
Episode 4720th November 2023 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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The Art and Science of Decision Making: Strategies for Choosing Happy

In this episode of the 'Choosing Happy' podcast, host Heather Masters takes a deep look into the art of decision making. She emphasizes the pivotal role emotions, personal values, and unconscious mind play in the process and shares strategies to prevent procrastination and make better choices.

Heather highlights the impact of regret on decision-making and explores various types of decision making, including intuitive, analytical and collaborative.

Practical guides for effective decision-making and tips for avoiding common pitfalls are given, with real-life scenarios discussed for better understanding.

She also provides a fascinating examination of neurological processes involved in decision-making.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast

01:00 Defining Decision Making

02:16 The Role of Emotions in Decision Making

04:38 The Influence of Regret on Decision Making

08:01 Understanding the Neurology Behind Decision Making

08:30 The Role of the Unconscious Mind in Decision Making

11:26 Different Types of Decision Making

12:07 Analytical Decision Making Strategies

17:16 Intuitive Decision Making Strategies

22:19 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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