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Training Psychedelic Facilitators for the Legalization of Psilocybin in Oregon (Measure 109) with Françoise Bourzat - 12
Episode 1224th February 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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The passing of Measure 109 in Oregon was a pivotal moment for the psychedelic movement. By 2023, qualified practitioners will be able to legally administer psilocybin for therapeutic purposes. In this episode, Laura Dawn speaks with psychedelic pioneer Francoise Bourzat who is part of designing the curriculum to train practitioners to safely and legally support their clients’ healing process through the intentional consumption of sacred mushrooms. 

Francoise Bourzat discusses: 

  • Where they are at in the process of creating the curriculum;
  • The hurdles they have to overcome;
  • Government support and accessibility;
  • The potential drawbacks of psychedelic legalization;
  • Who can access this training for psychedelic practitioners, and how long it will last; 
  • The importance of reciprocity and what that really means;
  • Wisdom from her Mazatec teachers from Oaxaca, Mexico;
  • Her perspective on cultural appropriation, and how it’s taken often out of context;
  • Her hopes to build more resources for the Mazatec people;
  • The overlap and intersection between indigenous wisdom and modern psychology and how they could be used together as a more complete framework. 
  • We end the conversation with wise advice she offers psychedelic leaders stepping into the space.


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