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In The Way The Lord Led Me !
Episode 6314th March 2022 • Live Behind The Veil • The Epistles
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As we are in motion and paying attention, then He will lead us.

We do have the option to follow His leading or our own instincts.

Being Led takes a faith and trust that He is indeed leading us.

Show notes:

• God cannot lead if one is not willing to do something.

• One moves out in faith and trust.

• Doing His will is a level of maturity.

• Not my will, but Thine be done.

• You cannot steer a parked car.


Genesis 24:17b KJV

I, being in the way, the Lord led me…

John 5:19b, 20a NIV

19b. He can do only what He sees His Father doing, because what ever the Father does the Son also does,

20a. For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all He does.

Mark 1:41a NASB

Moved with compassion, Jesus stretched out His hand….

Romans 8:28 KJV

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.

Luke 22:42 NASB

Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.


• Don’t pray for rain, and leave your umbrella at home.

• What are You doing today Lord?

• What does He want?

• You say: “Lord show me the way”

Take Away:

As we move out in what we believe the Lord is showing us, that is how we continue to learn what being led of the Lord really is.


Lead In: 0:00

Ron: 0:30

How are we led by God” Spirit? I'm Ron your host and I believe that is a question on the heart of every true disciple of the Lord. We don't want to be wasting our time, spinning our wheels, and doing our own thing. If you’re like me you have really wrestled with this principle of being led each day by the Holy Spirit. I believe that through the family He is revealing to us that walking with Him and being led by His Spirit is just not that hard. Let's tune into the family and drink in what the Holy Spirit is imparting to us today.

Allan: 1:11 God can’t lead you if you’re not willing to go and start doing something. Don’t pray for rain and leave your umbrella at home. What are you believing for? Take a step of faith showing that I believe this is going to happen and then things start to happen, because He sees what you are doing.

Dale: 1:36

What are you doing today Lord? Well I am just going to find out. You look at your schedule of the things that you wrote to get done today. And you start out and God presents things to you. What are you going to do? Do I go left, do I go right? That’s where as Allan was saying you can’t steer a parked car. What do you do after you’re in motion and I think that’s where the leading of the Lord comes in. That you are led in motion. Well how did you get in motion? There is that old saying I got in the way. God is doing something in the earth so I got in the way, because I wanted to be apart of what He was doing. And you head out many times in the morning not knowing what is it, whether thou goest? That you know you’re going and that is what is important.

Ron: 2:36

I think we are hitting a principle of being led by the spirit but it is by the spirit and is requirement in that and it’s called faith and trust. And so, you move out in faith, you trust the Lord and like Dale is saying, then things begin to happen. Things begin to be presented to you, but it’s not you know well I am going to sit and wait on the Lord and He is going to show me my day and then I am going to do and what he told me to do. Maybe someday we will come to that. I don’t know. I don’t know if God is even that interested in our minds. I think He is more interested in our hearts. You know, trusting and expressing faith in Him. Then our minds and so again we are taking the complication that the carnal mind quote calls spiritual. We’re taking that away and we are saying no. Walking with God does not have to be this complicated, hard thing to walk in the spirit. It’s simply a thing of faith and trust. You have faith, you ask the Father, Father lead my day. Ok not He just heard you and then off you go. And you are trusting Him to lead your day. And He does. And I think the awareness of that as you do that as a lifestyle I think there will be a growing awareness in you, how much God leading you and a lot of it I think is a surprise.

Dale: 4:15

A man after God’s own heart will go after God’s heart. I got a day today, I’m going after God’s heart. What does He want? What’s His thing for today? You start asking questions God is one who loves to give answers.

Allan: 4:38

You know another practical aspect of what we are talking about, you are going to go on a trip, and let’s just say it is only and hour and a half. And you have driven this hundreds of times right, and you know the roads inside and out, but you set your GPS and then it says turn left here and you go, no we are supposed to go straight here. Well you have a choice, to either turn left or follow your own instincts. But you don’t realize there might be an accident up ahead that you can’t see, you can’t perceive it because it is not on your radar, but GPS knows about it. Someone reported it, it is there. So, if you were to go left it is going to take you and extra ten minutes but you will get there. If you don’t turn left and you go, you are going to wait in traffic an extra hour waiting for the accident to clear up. That is the simplicity of listening and moving by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He is going to take you a route you may not know of and it may not be what you believe is the quickest way. But He is trying to get you where He wants you at the point and time He wants you there. And like the GPS, He is going to say you need to go this way, because what are you going to be averting. What are you not going to run into by going the way He askes you to go or conversely what are you going run into if you don’t listen to what He is saying? God knows what He is doing. If we understand that scripture that says, “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.” So, everything is directed of the Lord already we just have to sharpen our awareness and say, “Ok Father this is what you are doing, OK.”

Dale: 6:47

It’s not my will but thine be done, so that the fullness of the Son that dwells in this life that I have offered Thee. That song, it goes on, it’s a song about a person crying out to be pleasing unto the Father. The way we are pleasing unto the Father. The way we fulfill the Fathers desires, dreams, hope, word, all kinds of stuff you can throw out there, is that we do His will. And I would say this is a level of maturity. Jesus at twelve knew what to do. And that comes out of a heart, comes out of a spirit, soul and body set to do the will of God in the earth. And that sounds like something that is a very lofty thing to obtain to. Nah, it’s not lofty but it is attainable. Because you ask God to help you. You say Lord show me the way.

Lead Out: 7:57