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Days Like This – Music as a Reminder!
Episode 515th October 2021 • Talking Wellness With Developmental Service Staff • Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre
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Guest: Adriana McVicker of Community Living Windsor

We know it’s a challenge helping staff get feet on the ground after working 12 hours shifts – day in day out. We also know the pandemic WILL shift and we will slowly regain more normalcy, and staff will be able to take some well deserved time off. In the meantime, how do we help our staff take a breath, feel valued. In this episode, we meet Adriana McVicker from Community Living Windsor. Adriana shares with us some of the ways she and her team have been supporting staff during the hard times of Covid. Adriana talks about the Conscious Care model, and the power of a song – how her organization shares links with uplifting songs from artists like Van Morrison. They are also offering Mindfulness sessions for staff online. We close the session out with a mindfulness meditation from Adriana. 

About Adriana

Adriana is a proud daughter, sister and auntie who lives in Windsor ON. For the last 13 years, has worked with a service provider in developmental services in various roles including direct support and in positions of management including support services, staff development and project management. With her education in counselling, developmental psychology, sociology and health sciences, Adriana deeply values using a comprehensive approach while providing quality supports for people and families. She is a true believer that all of us are interdependent and that we each carry a responsibility to help one another be the best we can. 

Episode Resource

Days Like This by Van Morrison 

An example of resources Adriana is offering to staff - free mental health counselling offered through Government of Ontario funding 

Conscious Care