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When Healthcare Replaces Sickcare with Dr. Kristy Harvell
Episode 2014th March 2023 • Lead at the Top of Your Game • Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership
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The art of pivoting is critical; complacency can spell the end of your relevance in the fast-paced business world. As we continue to adapt to the shifting sands of business, we know that the key to staying ahead of the curve is to embrace change and move forward with courage and creativity.

Dr. Kristy Harvell is a Chiropractor and the founder of Health by Design, a holistic health service that focuses on providing people compassionate care in a healing and approachable environment, enabling them to experience freedom from the bodily distraction of discomfort and stress.


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Dr. Kristy is a wellness Chiropractor focusing on Clinical Nutrition and has been helping people for nearly 20 years. She graduated in the Phi Chi Omega Honor Society, Cum Laude in December 2003 with certification in COX Flexion/Distraction technique. By February 2004, Dr. Kristy started seeing patients at her first practice in Penfield, NY.

Dr. Kristy works with patients from all walks of life to provide natural, sustainable pain relief and preventative care. She believes that the cure to many sources of chronic pain doesn’t lay in addictive substances or expensive surgeries, but in chiropractic and nutrition care. One of her guiding principles is a quote from Thomas Edison, “The Doctor of the Future will not Treat the Body with Medication but Rather with Diet and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease.”


  1. The importance of being able to pivot and how to prevent becoming obsolete.
  2. Dr. Kristy’s Webinar on how to conquer stress, brain fog, and fatigue.
  3. Becoming the best leader in your organization.
  4. How to integrate self-care into your daily life.
  5. The value of celebrating wins and victories.


[01:16] Dr. Kristy's Background, how she discovered her career path and the twists and turns that shaped her career. 

[11:17] How to define self-care and block out time for yourself.

[16:14] Dr. Kristy mentions what it takes for her to be the best leader in her organization.

[19:45] How you can develop an understanding of your own personality and integrate your most effective practices into your schedule. 

[22:33] Dr. Kristy’s entry to the LATTOYG Playbook: shares her tips for staying relevant and up-to-date within your leadership role.

[25:42] Strategies and actions the most influential leaders put into practice and one of the significant instances of leadership shortcomings that Kristy has encountered.

[32:47] Karan describes the most effective method she has witnessed for managing the battle for talent in leadership.

[37:18] Signature Segment: Karan’s Take 

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