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How To Lose Weight and Reduce Stress Around Food When You’re a Perfectionist
Episode 17511th January 2022 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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“There was always so much turmoil in my head all the time around food.”

That's a direct quote from Susan. Look . . .

If you’re experiencing turmoil and stress around food, your body, your health, or just losing weight in general, then . . .

DO NOT miss this episode. 

Susan’s story isn’t the typical weight loss story, but it’s full of powerful weight loss wisdom from a recovering perfectionist. But even more than weight loss … 

Susan’s main goal was to beat the “bully in her brain.” That’s why she joined my Inner Circle. It’s also why she once told me that she wanted to punch me in the face! You’ll hear that story and so much more in this incredible episode. 

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